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Bento Systems has cloud-based inventory tracking, estimating and billing, and job/project managment features to help keep you and your team organized.

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Creating Estimates Should be Easy.

The more estimates for jobs you can send out, the more your team can produce. Putting together a custom estimate for each job is an easy process for any team member with Bento.

  • Create multiple estimate options.
  • Allow customers to approve and digitally sign through a customer portal.
  • Receive invoice payments all in the same system, automatically.

Tracking all the Job Details Can Be Simple.

Once a job is approved by the client, there is a lot that goes in to making sure a job gets done the right way. With our streamlined project management system, you can keep all the details of a job in one place and give access to that job to all necessary team members.

  • Use custom project work flows for each type of job you produce.
  • Create tasks & due dates for yourself and other team members.
  • Store graphics files on each job.
  • Easily create installation schedules.

Streamline Communication with Team Members.

Lack of communication is one of the top ways a business can lose money. We create an easy way to keep track of all team member details, as well as collaborate with your entire team no matter what their job type.

  • Group individuals together by team.
  • Easily collaborate on jobs with the necessary team members.
  • Share information across different teams with ease.

After your free trial, pricing starts at $99 for teams of up to 50 people.
After 50 users, each user is only $1.50 per month.

Pricing includes access to every feature of the system. We don't make you pay more to get more features.
When we add new features, everyone gets them. Same price.

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