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A Busy Sales Team is Hard to Keep on the Same Page.

And even harder to get updates from... Everyone is going in different directions talking to new people and chasing new business. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep all the details that your sales team is working on in one area? Sales teams move fast and have to keep track of a lot of information.

  • Create a Sales specific Team in Bento to manage all aspects of your sales team.
  • Manage sales team day-to-day activity, tools and schedules.
  • Tag other team members to share information and easily manage new leads and current customers' details.
  • Keep Track of all the small details that can be lost but are important for your sales team while closing new business deals.

Online Leads Can Get Lost

Often the first place a potential customer will reach out to you is on your website. Are they getting the attention they should from your sales team? Use our custom web forms to easily connect your new web leads to your CRM without any extra admin tasks for your sales team. This information can automatically be connected to your contacts in Bento with their information available to your sales team as soon as they fill out the web form.

  • Forget having to download and manually assign online leads - create custom online forms that make sense for you.
  • Automatically connect new leads to your Bento account and cut down on time.
  • Sales Managers can automatically create tasks & assign to team members for new leads.

Administrative Work is a Headache for a Sales Team

You'd rather be out talking to new people and building new business, right? Automation is a great thing! For a sales team, the administrative work can be a headache. It also takes away from a sales team's focus: working with customers and new business contacts. That's why our tasks system create a layer of both automation and organization for your sales team. When a new lead comes in, you can automatically be notified via the task system that your sales team member has a lead to follow-up on.

  • Automatically create tasks and assign to your sales team members.
  • View all of your personal tasks and your teams tasks in a list, card or Kan-Ban view.
  • Be notified of all upcoming tasks and review them on a schedule so no problems occur with tasks not completed.

Create Proposals with Ease

Do you ever find proposals cumbersome? We've created a simple way for you and your sales team to easily create proposals, send to a client to view & approve, and invoice customers so you can get paid!

  • Easily create multiple proposal versions and costs for your customers to review.
  • Provide a simple way for your customers to review and approve your proposals.
  • More easily win new business!

Get Contracts Signed with Ease

Getting the verbal go-ahead from a client is one thing. Getting all the details written up is quite another. We know sales teams love winning new business, but the contract details can slow down the start of a new project. Bento creates an easy way for you to move clients through the contracting process and on to getting paid with ease. You can customize each sales contract or use our contract template feature to minimize the time it takes for a new business deal to be closed.

  • Create and customize new contracts with a few clicks and keystrokes.
  • Reduce the time it takes to create a contract for a client.
  • Allow clients to digitally sign contracts.
  • Get paid easily online through digital invoices.