Project Management

Project Management

Create and manage projects for all of your teams with key tools to keep your organization organized and efficient. Utilize tools such as tasks, points of contact, contracts, digital signing, invoicing, and payment processing. Start a free 30 day trial

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The right tools for the job.

Make each project you create specific to the task at hand. Working on a big client project with lots of tasks and resources to manage? Maybe you need to keep it simple to focus. Either way, pick from any (or all) of our tools to keep your projects moving forward. From task and schedule management to contract approval and invoice payments, add only what you need. Setup each project the way you want.

  • Organize project work into one logical place.
  • Give the right people access to the right projects... reducing the daily noise.
  • See all projects for a team from a high level.

Projects for everyone.

Effective project management can help any business. If you’re a sole-operator juggling everything on your own, or part of a large team that has dozens (or hundreds) of projects going at the same time… Project management is for you. Take a look at a few easy ways to get started with Bento Systems.

  • Organize project work into one logical place.
  • Give the right people access to the right projects... reducing the daily noise.
  • See all projects for a team from a high level.

Project Tools

Use any combination of tools in your projects
  • personPoint of Contact arrow_drop_down

    Designate a point of contact for each project from your contacts list.

    • Points of contact within projects are integrated with our customer relationship manager.
    • Easily see your point of contacts associated company, contact details, tasks & notes associated with that person.
    • See all projects related to that contact.

  • playlist_add_checkTasks arrow_drop_down

    Keep track of the tasks related to each project.

    • Stay on top of key tasks for each project so nothing is missed.
    • Assign tasks to various team members to be responsible for.
    • Create different task types such as ‘meeting’ or ‘follow-up.’

  • announcementMessage Board arrow_drop_down

    Add a message board for each project.

    • Easily share thoughts and get feedback from your team.
    • Share valuable notes for the entire team to know about a project.
    • Keep communication on a project streamlined and in one place.

  • insert_drive_fileContracts arrow_drop_down

    Add a contract to each project.

    • Choose from a list of contract templates and send the contract out for digital signature.
    • Build proposals based on your contract & send them to clients to review.

  • format_list_bulletedLine Items arrow_drop_down

    Add a collection of line items to each project that you can bill for.

    • Line items are items in your inventory that you can bill for.
    • Line items may be a stock item, products, product packages or services you offer.
    • When you want to send a proposal, the system will pull from the line items you have created for that project to send to the client.

  • assignmentProposals arrow_drop_down

    Create proposals to send to clients for approval and payment.

    • As you are adding details such as your contract and line items to your project, you will be able to create a proposal based on those details to send to the client to review.
    • When you send a proposal, your client has the option to provide feedback on that proposal, approve on the spot, or decline a proposal with detailed notes on what they may need adjusted.
    • If your client approves the proposal immediately or on the spot, they will have the option to make a payment if they need to in order to get the project going.

  • attach_moneyInvoices arrow_drop_down

    Send your customer an invoice based on the packlists you create with line items.

    • Once you have added the line items you want to a project, you can send clients invoices within the system.
    • You can also customize your invoice templates for varying payment options.
    • Collect digital payments once you send an invoice.

  • scheduleStaff Scheduling arrow_drop_down

    Create staff schedules for active proposals on this project.

    • You have the option to add staff scheduling to each project.
    • If you have a project that you need to create a staff schedule for, you can create the schedule within each project.
    • Creating a staff schedule on a project is integrated with our Staff system. This means the system will automatically know the availability of a staff member based on the availability that has been set for that person.

  • date_rangeCalendar arrow_drop_down

    View each project's information in a calendar view.

    • If you would like a calendar view of the various tasks and schedules created within project, you can do so within the calendar view.
    • Have a high-level view of everything going on within a project in an easy to view way.