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Create & Manage Teams.

You have great team members working with you. Every bit of their effort matters and every detail matters. Bento for non-profits can help you keep your teams organized, keep track of each details for every area of business. You can also manage and keep track of each individual project your organization and teams are working on.

  • Create & manage the various teams within your organization.
  • Keep track of each team’s responsibilities, details and projects.
  • Communicate with key team members about their work with ease.

Manage & Schedule Volunteers.

Volunteers are often the backbone of a non-profit organization. They can also be the hardest to organize and schedule. Our scheduling feature helps you better manage and schedule volunteers for regular volunteer opportunities and special events.

  • Set volunteer’s individual availability for each volunteer opportunity or for a special event.
  • Schedule volunteers with ease as the system keeps track of their availability instead of you.
  • Notify volunteers when they have been scheduled for an opportunity.
  • Keep track of each volunteer’s contact information, notes and any paperwork details necessary to serve.

Manage Fundraisers & Receive Online Donations.

We have learned that receiving donations and interacting with donors and board members are an integral part of a non-profit organization. Bento for Non-profits helps you do both. Create an easy way for donors to give online so you can receive donations in a streamlined and simple way.

  • Create an embeddable form on your website that integrates with the Bento for non-profits system to receive donations and keep track of donors.
  • Manage the various fundraising campaigns you have going on at any given time, whether it is one-time or ongoing.