Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory isn't cheap. In fact, it's probably one of your company's biggest expenses. That makes managing your inventory a high value task, and we have built the Bento Inventory Management System to help. Try Bento free for 30 days.

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Stock Items.

If you purchase any raw inventory for your business, such as food, materials, supplies, etc. then you can enter and manage the quantities, shipments, vendors and chart of accounts these items should be expensed to from within the Bento inventory management system.

  • Create and manage inventory categories.
  • Utilize our inventory tagging system for easy organization.
  • Track perishable items.


Within your business, you may bill for products that you provide. You also have the option within the Bento inventory system to create categories for and manage pricing for products you bill clients for. These also may be services that you can bill for. You also have the flexibility to make products out of the stock items you have in your inventory.

  • Create products from stock items in your inventory.
  • Categorize and bill for the products you offer.
  • Bill for service-based items by using the products feature of the inventory system.

Product Packages.

If you provide product packages that you ultimately bill customers for, you can use our inventory system to create and manage those packages and eventually add them to a contract or invoice to bill a customer for.

  • Create product packages that can then be billed to customers.
  • By developing product packages you provide, you can minimize the time it takes to build proposals and invoices.