Here's how Bento works.

People. Projects. Permissions. Process.

Here's how Bento works.

People. Projects. Permissions. Process.


Your people, organized into Teams.

Invite your teammates and give them their own accounts. Once you do, you'll be able to organize them into Teams. Teams allow you to control what people can see and do with your data. One person on multiple teams? No problem.

Invite team members.

Keep track of paperwork.

Organize people into teams.


Is it an event? A job? A work order? Yes!

Whatever you call it, create a Project for it in Bento. Each Project gets a set of Tools to help you stay organized and focused. Below is a quick list of some of those Tools:

  • Some of our project tools
    Staff Scheduling: Create schedules & shifts with our Scheduling area.
    Tasks: Setup and assign out all the things that need to get done for a project. (Even recurring tasks!)
    Calendar: The calendar on a project will show the scheduled shifts that have been set up as well as tasks and their due dates.
    Documents: Store important documents related to a project in the Documents area.
    Point of Contact: Set a point of contact for each project.
    Proposals & Billing: Send a contract, proposal & invoice all in one area.

Add the tools you need.

Create as many projects as you need.

Visualize the status of many projects.


What you call Permissions, we call Tags.

You can Tag anything in Bento. Want to share a document you just created with a teammate? Add their Tag. Need to share a new project with a whole team? Add the Team Tag to the project.

Quickly add a tag.

Click a tag to get more options.


'I thought someone else was taking care of that!!'.
Solved. Say hello to Workflows.

The way you do things is really important. So make sure your team follows the plan. Create a Workflow and stop wondering if all of the t's have been crossed.

Create detailed workflows with as many steps as you need.

Quickly see what's been done and what's left.

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