"It's in Bento."

"It's in Bento."


Create. Assign. Never forget again.

Create tasks and assign them to one or multiple team members. Quickly see what's coming up this week in the List view. Use the Board view to get a quick, high-level view of your tasks.

Do you have repeating tasks? Never forget one again. Create it once and let Bento remind you.

Documents & Files

Text documents, file uploads, and folders.

Use the Documents and Files tool to keep your stuff organized. Upload contracts and images, create folders, even create a new text document without leaving Bento.

Sharing your documents and files is really easy too. Just add the Team or Team Member's tag. They'll get a notification you shared something with them.

"This system has been amazing at keeping track of all my client contacts, very efficient system helps keep me organized. Handy to use on my phone when needed. Highly recommend Bento Systems for all your business needs."

Dana McKinney - Avant Garde Marketing Solutions

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Proposals & Billing

Send out templates quickly using templates.

The quickest way to increase your profit margin is to make it easier for your current team to send out more proposals. With Bento, you can setup default contracts and invoice templates to make it super easy to create profitable proposals for your clients.

Stop taking credit cards over the phone. Use the built in client payment portal to get paid quickly. Your clients see, sign, and pay for their proposals all on their own. Safe and secure.

Contacts & Companies

Put all of your contacts in on place.

Contact notes lost in your inbox? You aren't alone. Use Bento's Contact and Company tool to keep all of your client info straight.

"Using Bento for the last two years has allowed our company to double our revenue, without doubling our staff!"

Nathaniel Beaver - President, Infinity Hospitality Group

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Stop losing money on third-party vendors.

Most companies rely on third-party vendors to get their work done. Problem is, not everyone has a great way to make sure they mark-up those invoices correctly. That means lost profit margin and in some cases, you end up paying the vendor more than you charged your client.

Use Bento's Vendor system to make sure you always charge the right markup and stop losing money.

Team Members

Invite your team. Make paperwork easier.

Keeping track of handbooks, tax forms, and other HR documents can be a huge challenge. Bento has you covered with comprehensive Team Management features.

Use custom job types to assign standard paperwork to your team members. Members can quickly view, download, and submit paperwork back to the admins without ever leaving Bento.

"Bento allows our remote team to keep track of all of our contacts and orders."

Adam Malanga - Vice President, The Life Book

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Products & Services

Track your inventory, services, and rentals.

In most organizations, inventory is usually one of the biggest expenses, second only to staff. Give your inventory the attention it deserves.

Bento's comprehensive and intuitive product and inventory management system will help you reduce theft (shrinkage), gain visibility into item usage, and increase profit margins. Stop worrying about over-booking services. Use the reservation manager to eliminate double-booking problems.

My Stuff

All of your tasks, projects, teams... In on place.

Keeping everything in one place is only useful if you can quickly find what you need, when you need it. The My Stuff area in Bento let's you and your team members quickly access the things you use most.

Add your Tag to something in Bento and never lose track of it again. Once you add your Tag, finding your stuff is only a click away.


What is the team up to today?

That's the typical question every project/team manager asks at the start of every day. Stop asking and start knowing.

Use Bento's reporting tools to give you real-time insight into what your team did yesterday, what they are working on today, and what's coming up next. Get the visibility you need, without bothering your team members.

Contract Management

Digital Signatures = Quick Turnaround

Send contracts to your clients? Does it take forever to get them signed?

Contract management in Bento is easy. Use your own, custom templates to create proposals quickly and accurately. Send a copies to clients from within Bento and let them sign digitally using their own phones and tablets. The faster clients sign, the faster you get paid!

Triggers & Actions

Automate your daily workflow.

Remembering who to notify at the different stages of a project's life is difficult and error-prone. Triggers & Actions help out by automating the tedious things. Pass a sales contact from the sales team to the production team automatically when a client is marked 'Closed'. Notify an individual or group of people when a task gets to a specific checkpoint. It's completely up to you.


Everything is a Template.

Create templates for just about anything in Bento. Tasks, Teams, Projects, Documents, Proposals... they can all be created from templates you define.

Most businesses have a standard set of documents and tasks they use for every project. Create one template with everything you need to get started on your next project quick. No need to waste time setting things up every time.