Attention Consultants Working With Growing Businesses!


Attention Consultants Working With Growing Businesses!


The GOOD news is that you’re leading the technology charge in a growing successful business.

The BAD news is that you’re leading the technology charge in a growing successful business.

Why is there anything BAD about this at all?

Sticker Shock

Your client may be wary of what they perceive to be very large up-front costs.

Timeline Terror

Delivery schedule expectations may be unrealistically high.

Technology Nostalgia

This may be your client’s very first break with things like Excel, Sticky Notes, or even legacy AS400 solutions.

Brave New World

Your client may be unfamiliar with the process of application development, and may require significant hand-holding.


We tame EVERY ONE of those four “dragons” listed above, and let YOU, the Consultant, provide GREAT delivered value to your customers so that you can realize revenue from the delivery of a valuable product to your client… both during the initial development effort and also on the ongoing phase of continuous product improvement.

One system. Many solutions.

Bento is a Rapid Application Development [RAD] platform with an API that’s the most robust and comprehensive in the business.

done A full database table layer with customizable event triggers, stored procedures, and thousands of pre-rolled templates.

done An infinitely scalable micro-service architecture that allows for custom logic and unlimited scaling of all data resources.

done A full entity layer.

done A comprehensive security layer for data at rest and data in transit that conforms to the latest security standards, and is kept up to date constantly.

done Both cloud hosting and customer based hosting.

done A full API layer.

Better, Faster, Cheaper.

As a data professional, we provide you with configuration tools so YOU can design your client’s application as their enterprise requires it. We do the actual coding, to be sure it’s done as rapidly as possible, with NO LEARNING CURVE FOR YOU.

The result: BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER... The three words you L-O-V-E to hear!

Our specialties include thematic items that are common to virtually all business solutions:

Business Process Automation

Data Capture / Work Flow


Resource Planning

Inventory Management


There's more.

BENTO offers you, the consultant, a configuration tool that allows you to configure all the aspects of your problem space and take delivery in weeks, for a small fraction of the cost of most other systems... often as little as TEN PERCENT of the cost of competing systems.

As a BENTO consultant, YOU make money in TWO ways... from the original development process, and from the BENTO subscription, available on a per-seat basis.

BENTO consultants are among the most successful in the business, since their customers, as SMBs, have decision makers that are easier to access, and BENTO’s prices are eye-poppingly low.

Let US show YOU how YOU can earn a
substantial income as a BENTO consultant!

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