Your Data Should be Configured Uniquely for You

Your business is unique from others and your data is too. The way you set up and manage your data should be flexible for how you do business. 

We often work with organizations who are trying to create a work flow with what one of our clients (a marketing company) calls a “duct taped” system. Meaning, you do have a process in place but all of your data lives in different systems and doesn’t “talk” to each other. Some of our clients have even hired a specific staff member who is responsible for data entry to and from different systems.

Much of your data probably lives in a CRM, spreadsheets, documents, SaaS software, and inside your team’s head. This leaves little room for accurate data to be aggregated into useful information.

We like data. Data tells us a story of what is going on in any area of business. It’s when we know the full picture of the story that we can make really powerful decisions and steer the team in the right direction. 

While we know there are many foundational things that unite many businesses, we know that YOUR business cannot be shoved into the box of another person’s software.

You should be able to customize how you receive information for your business and your clients. And with all your data set up how you want to design it into a software system, you have the flexibility to create what we call data sets to receive information that you need to. Then you can configure that information into Dashboards or reports that make sense for you. Then you can make the best decisions for your team and client moving forward.

Are you interested in configuring a software system that allows your team to use your unique data for maximum benefit? Let’s talk.