Work Management Software That Grows with You

We have a lot of different conversations with a lot of different business types, but the one common thing we see as problems are:

  1. Processes are too complex and there’s too many places to keep up with information.
  2. The businesses who plan on growing need flexible systems that can grow with them.

Bento is powerful enough to handle complex business processes while keeping the simplicity of using a software system in place for your team. By this we mean, we let the software do all the “heavy lifting” for your team by putting in place automations that your team doesn’t need to think about. 

For you and your team this means all your business data is in one easy-to-find place and your team only has one work management system to think about managing. They can focus on their jobs instead of all the other management and process tasks that sometimes plague businesses.

We have experienced this with many of our clients. Most of the time companies continue to hire people to fulfill operational problems, instead of addressing the actual process problems that are in place. We experienced this with a growing company in Nashville. Fortunately, instead of continue to grow by adding team members to solve the problem, they worked with us to find a technology solution that would help them address the current operational issues at hand so they could grow with confidence and property using technology. This meant they were able to achieve more with their current team through one work management system.

A couple of problems we see clients experience:

  1. There are too many different software systems they are using to manage the team’s work.
  1. They’ve outgrown their current systems for work management but don’t have anywhere else to turn for a system that is flexible enough for their business now but will grow with them as they grow.

That is Bento’s sweet spot: helping companies configure Bento for where they are now and able to grow with them so they don’t have to find new systems in another year as they grow.

We know business is unpredictable but working as a team is more important now than ever. Knowing where you’ll be in another year is hard to predict right now as well, but we are here to help you customize a work management system that meets you where you are now and grows with you no matter where you are in the future. 

Let’s schedule a discovery session to see how we can help you get your work management systems in order.