Work Better, Faster & Smarter with Project, Contract & Invoice Templates

Many teams we work with have sales figured out, but when it comes fulfilling work, getting agreements signed, and getting paid gets a bit tricker.

The teams we work with are trying to find ways to work smarter, better and faster than they ever have before. Leveraging our technology has helped many teams achieve just that through using our templates feature in key places throughout their system in the Bento app.

When you onboard with the Bento platform, one of the thing we do is look for ways to create automation in your work. One way we do that is through templates. 

Project templates

Project templates provide a way for you to:

1. Easily create projects

2. Have similar states or statuses a project would be in. 

With project templates you and your team could easily create a project that we set up as a certain project type based on your business and you can skip the step where someone has to assign out all the tasks for a project and make sure certain action items happen each time a project like that starts. That can happen automatically with project templates.

Contract templates

We know the contracting phase can be both exciting and boring at the same time. A new contract means a new deal and that is exciting! But the actual contract itself is boring. Setting up each contract can be tedious as well. With contract templates, we reduce and automate the tedious task of creating, sending and having a contract signed. We set it up customized to your business and automate this for you and your clients. 

Invoice templates

Getting paid is fun! The administrative work of setting up and sending invoices is not as fun. We can also customize standard invoices for your business and create it into an automated state or status for your business. This means when a project or job is complete, someone on your team can automatically get a task to send the invoice and because you have an invoice template, the invoice is created easily and sent off to your client to pay you. We also have payment integrations so your clients can easily pay that invoice and money gets to your account more quickly!

Standardizing certain processes in your business using templates is one way you can automating tedious tasks in your business, reduce data entry errors, and help your team overall work better, faster & smarter than before. 

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s explore what templates can look like in your business processes.

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