What Changes When You Work as a Remote Team?

We have worked as an all remote team for many years now. That being said, many teams are continuing to work remotely or are working a modified remote work scheduled. Here’s what we have found from many years of working remotely:

1. You shift to being results-oriented.

When you shift to being results oriented, the 9 to 5 is out the door and you work with deadlines instead. Creating more proficient and time saving tasks.

Most productivity is measured by how much face time is spent in an office. Whether the workers enter the building and clock in at 9 AM or leave at 5 PM, productivity is measured within that time frame. When a company works remotely, they are measured by much more than time and productivity, they are measured by the results that come out of working remotely. 

There is no such thing as “face time” in a remote team. When you work remote each team member has responsibilities and it’s clear when those responsibilities are not met. Thus everyone is focused on their work and what they need to get done personally.

2. Focused meetings are important

When you are working as a remote team, there is no “dropping by your office” random quick conversations in a hallway to get what you need from someone. This means having specific meetings to cover work that needs to be done or do work during the meeting is important.

During focused meeting, more concise and meaningful conversations and points can be hit instead of having long overdrawn office meetings that takes people away from their work. 

As a remote team you have to be laser focused on what has to be done amid so many distractions that are not present in an office setting. So once a task is given, a remote team wants to accomplish it as quickly as possible to continue on their day. Working remotely doesn’t include clocking in and clocking out for a 9-5 but having a due date and hitting it within a certain time frame.

3. Find a way to maintain your company personality and culture.

One of the challenges of being an all-remote team is finding ways to have fun and maintain company culture. There is no “watercooler” time in a virtual company. Which means you have to find ways to create or maintain a company culture.

One thing that has been helpful is always starting a meeting with “How is everyone doing?” and often ending with “Is there anything else we need to talk about?” Keeping and open dialogue and allowing the team to “chit chat” or talk about more serious issues is important. Sometimes those lines of communication are all that your employees have, especially right now, so being open to listening and having open conversation is important.

Another thing we have tried as a software team is time outside of normal working hours where we “hang and code” or where we will watch a webinar together. Things like that allow for us to “work” together while also getting to know team members outside of work meetings.

4. Working remotely can help you be more productive and lowers costs

Even though working from home has its own distractions, it can make you more motivated to get things done. You can go to your favorite spot at home or a coffee shop to focus and complete work on time.

Not having a physical office lowers cost because the company is not paying for an overhead of a building, office space, utilities, and gas for a car or for public transportation. Not to mention each team members gets back at least 30-minutes to an hour of commute time to their life and sometimes you can get that back in productivity of your team.

5. A wider range of available talent is at your disposal

One amazing thing about remote jobs is having people from all over having many different talents coming together to work on one project. This creates a more diverse and interesting culture in the workplace.

This means you can recruit and hire the right people to your team based on their skillset and not have to factor in their geographic location. We actually use having team members in different time zones as a benefit to get more support coverage for our clients.

We know that this time period of working remotely can be challenging but it also has many benefits if you’re willing to adjust and pivot as a team. If you need help improving your business processes and improving remote work in the short-term or long-term, contact us today.