Web Hook Actions in Bento with Workflows

We are continuously working on our Bento platform to make it easier and better for the people we work with to improve operations and efficiency and automate their processes. Web Hooks are a way we found to be helpful for our current and future users on the platform. We recently updated our platform to be able to configure web hooks with automated workflows.

What are Web Hooks?

Web hooks are a concept used by technology companies to allow one software system to update another. 

How are Web Hooks used in Bento?

Web hooks can be configured to send when any item changes state or status within Bento. An example might be that you setup a web hook to fire when a project moves into the Ready To Work state.Web hooks can be used by your developers to trigger external, 3rd party systems maintained by your own developers. This feature gives your developers increased flexibility in how they integrate Bento Systems into your organization.

Learn how to set-up web hooks in Bento here.

How to Get Started

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