The Hidden Costs of Old Legacy and Custom Software

We work in software and most of our conversations with other leaders are about their business and how our software can be helpful for their team.

This week we were on one of those calls with one of our partners, who usually works in managed services (which means they are on site at business locations helping with physical hardware, network connectivity and other IT-related services.) They mentioned how sometimes their clients will joke about legacy software taking an increasing amount of time to perform an action or how a recent update has slowed down their actual device.

That got us thinking about the long-term benefits of creating your company’s software on top of the Bento platform and having us configure the system for you. We have moved companies over from their custom or legacy software to Bento before and are currently still in that process with clients. What we didn’t realize that Bento offers that has tremendous value are two things:

  1. You can save on hardware long term by getting more work and time out of your devices.

Bento is a cloud-based web application that works from anywhere you have internet. This means that all software updates happens in the browser and not on the actual device you are using. Let’s just say you provide laptops for 20 of your team members either through a purchase or a lease program. With on-premise software solutions where the server is actually in your office vs. in the cloud you are running updates on the actual devices the software operates on often. As those updates happen, they slowly use up storage space and slow down device usage all the time.

Most employees and IT teams don’t usually make this connection until their computer is running slowly. Then they think “well this device is X years old, it’s probably time for a new one because it’s running slowly.” 

With Bento being a powerful work management tool capable of replacing your custom or legacy software AND also being cloud-based, you can get more out of the work stations/computer you use because the software is not as taxing on the system.

  1. Minimize the headaches of transitioning your team to a new software system

The other major headache we see teams go through when utilizing legacy or custom software is when it comes time to make updates, the time it takes the team to give the software company feedback on what needs to work better takes more time than it should. This means it’s costing you team time which can also equal large costs both monetary but also in efficiency.

We do have a comprehensive software system that is capable of replacing your legacy or custom software. That being said, we take on the burden of configuration for you and  have a clean process for getting feedback and implementing that feedback into what should happen to make updates & changes to how your team needs your software system to run to execute work. 

So what does all of that mean? It means you and your team have less time and money that you need to put into building your software system because we make the process easy for you. We really just need you to verbally tell us the problems you’re encountering when trying to complete work and how you want work to be done on your team and we do all the configuring for you.

Do you know you need a software upgrade but have been dragging your feet because of the time and cost you think needs to be put into a transition like that? Let’s talk. We can show you how we make this process simple for your team.