Take the Headaches out of Running Your Business

Some days you run your business. Other days the business runs you. While we can’t control every aspect of your day, we can help remove some of the day-to-day headaches from your business by sharing the details of the Bento Systems platform and how it can simplify your work life.

What is Bento Systems?

Bento Systems is a comprehensive, cloud-based software system to manage your business operations. We have worked directly with business owners for more than 10 years and we’ve heard their challenges loud and clear: business operations can become overwhelming. Especially for smaller teams.

How does Bento help your business?

We built Bento Systems to help reduce your stress by streamlining your business operations. Here are some solutions we are proud of:

Staff & HR system: Manage team members. The Bento Staff System is a single area you can keep all your team members’ documentation, their schedules, contact and payroll information.

Schedules: Take the headache out of scheduling team members. No more reviewing paperwork to see who worked when or who is available to work certain days and times. No more spreadsheets that become out-of-date an hour after you create them. Bento Systems offers one, easy-to-use area to deal with your staffing needs.

Proposals: Win new business with proposals. The Bento System walks you through capturing a new client lead, building a proposal, and sharing it with the potential client. Our proposals systems is also flexible enough to send multiple proposal versions in an easy-to-view and approve way.

Your clients are presented with a simple dashboard that lets them view all of the proposals you have created for them. Your clients can even accept and approve your proposals, all on their own! The easier you make it for your clients to say “Yes,” the more work you will win.

Digital Contract Signing: Once a proposal is approved, you can easily move a client on to the next phase, and digitally sign the agreement they approved. The contract signing tools are integrated with the Proposal and Invoicing tools, so you can easily move a client from potential to signed, without the usual awkwardness and delay.

Invoices: Get paid online and on time. Once there is an agreement in place, you can easily invoice the client for a down-payment. The Bento Invoice Tool can been used with the Contract and Proposal tools, or you can send a one-time, custom invoice at any time.

Inventory: Keep track of your Inventory in an easy-to-manage system. Many times the value of your business is tied into your inventory. If you want solid numbers and information about your stock and products, Bento Inventory is the tool for you. Want to create complicated product packages and bill for those products? Have inventory located in multiple warehouses? Need to create intricate discount options? We got you covered; the Bento inventory system can handle all of that and more!

Project management: Create and manage projects for all of your teams with key tools to keep your people organized and efficient. Utilize tools such as Tasks, Points of Contact, Contracts, Digital-Signing, Invoicing, and Payment Processing. By keeping all of your work organized in Teams and Projects, your organization will be able to gain visibility into their workloads like never before.

Client Management: No longer worry about finding a client’s contact information. Our built-in Client Relationship Manager (CRM) helps you keep track of all the important people you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s a client, a vendor, or a new lead, there’s a spot in Bento for them.

Why Do You Even Need a Software System?

We built this software with the busy business leader in mind. Most businesses have a couple of options for software. One option is to buy an “over-the-counter” system that only provides some of the things you need. Another option is to go the expensive, custom-software route where there is a lot of time, a lot of money, and hidden/surprise fees involved. There has to be a middle ground.

We believe we have a comprehensive solution that is customizable to how you manage your business operations. Our goal is to build something that creates organization and efficiency in your lives. We want to align with people who also want to run, manage, and grow efficient business systems. We have a commitment to continue developing and growing our solutions as we partner with organizations who want to do more with less.


Curious if our system can help you? We offer a free, no-pressure demo so you can check it out.

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