Scope Creep: What is it and Why We Think It’s a Good Thing

For many years we have worked in project-based work where we have been contracted to do specific work for a specific price in a specific time frame. Within project-based work we always hear this term “scope creep” which basically means the client is getting out of hand with their requests and is asking more than we’ve been contracted for. 

Our project managers have often even had the “scope creep” conversation with clients that basically says you’re asking for more than you contracted us for. (Awkward, right?)

As we have worked with clients in the technology and software space improving on processes for their business, we’ve come to find that “scope creep” is not necessarily a bad thing if you have the right mindset and relationship in place with clients. When “scope creep” happens for the context of our client relationships it means more ideas are flowing relevant to our work and we can bring those ideas to life through our technology and software offering. 

This is why we don’t think “scope creep” is a bad thing. We may initially start out working on a project and be contracted for specifically that work, but as organizations start to work with our software they start to see the power behind it and get ideas for what it can do for their business. And since we can bring these ideas to life relatively quickly with our software platform at Bento, we welcome these ideas and changes. 

If you’re a business and reading this then you likely think we are crazy and wonder how we make adjustments for new ideas when we are in the middle of a project. Well just as easy as it is to have the awkward “scope creep” conversation mentioned above, we can have a conversation with our clients about how we can bring their new ideas to life as their technology partner. 

You see, we don’t like to live in the confines of old ideas and agreements and we don’t think our clients do either. So as we work with our clients to improve their business, we expect that new ideas that are better than the original project come up. And we want to help bring those ideas and improvements to life through our software platform.

Bento Systems is an extremely powerful, broad-based business application platform. Instead of building a single, highly customized software product for our clients from the ground up, we create the custom items our clients need, on top of our fully tested general business platform — a platform that remains fully current all the time, because of our continuous product improvement process in the background. This gives our clients the ultimate mix of flexibility combined with rock-solid stability and currency.

As a Technology Partner, our team is your team. Scope-creep and constantly changing requirements are expected. The Technology Partner offering gives our clients and the Bento team the flexibility they need to create the exact right solution.

Do you have new processes and improvements to make for your business? Set up a free 20-minute consultation with us and we will see if we are the right fit to work together.