Save Admin Time with Automatic Documents

One thing we know for sure – lots of people use documents everyday to get work done! We also know that updating documents can be an administrative nightmare. As your automation partner in all things work management, we are here to tell you there is a better way! 

Our Documents system is set up in way that makes it more than just a documents tool – it’s really an automation tool that helps you use data that is already in your system to automatically pull in information into a single document.

Example 1: Use Bento Documents to automatically update internal and external teams

As users of our own software we see that many people need to view the updates that we are working on in the Bento system. Instead of sending individual emails to update the different people that were part of different organizations (our own team members and our clients) we set up a document to pull in the different pieces of work that we are working on each week. So the document automatically pulls in details that we call ‘Release Notes’ that includes information about what is being updated in our system. Instead of having to write that out each week, our system does it automatically! Then we just send that one document out to the appropriate people so they are updated – saving us HOURS of admin time. 

Example 2: Bento Documents can automatically generate proposals, invoices & packlists

One of our clients is an events & catering company with a lot of team members, a lot of moving parts and a lot things that change all the time. Bento is the one place that this fast-moving team can house all of their work management – including a way they can easily create proposals & invoices easily by using data already in their Bento system. 

On the other side of their business is their inventory management system. Through the customizable way we have been able to set up their inventory, we have also been able to use the Bento Documents tool to automate how they use packlists for their teams. 

By using the Bento Documents system, this fast-paced team is able to reduce the amount of admin time they used to take to create proposals, invoices and packlists!

Example 3: Create automatic reports with Bento Documents

Another way we use Bento Documents as a team and keep information streamlines between our internal teams, partners and external clients is by having out document automatically update based on different pieces of information already in our system. We pull it together and format these reports through our Documents system in a way that keeps all necessary team members and stakeholders informed without taking up a lot of admin time. 

Are you looking for easier and better ways to reduce operations and admin work? Bento has a ton of built-in automation features just like this one that improve your business overall and improve every aspect of your business. Let’s talk and figure out how we can help your team!