Project Templates and Team Templates in Bento Systems Software

How often are you duplicating a task or process you’ve done in your job before? How much easier would it be if you could just click to duplicate a process and have the new project copied? With the templates feature in Bento you can do just that and save time and a ton of work.

Since efficiency is the name of the game with companies trying to set themselves apart and create a strong team long-term, we have incorporating project and team templates into the Bento software.

Project Templates

For your team, there are likely certain types of projects you do many different times, over and over again. Instead of re-setting up a project each time, we have created a feature for you to make any project a template.

Create a template out of any project in Bento.

After you have created project templates, you can view all of the projects that are set up as templates in your list of projects:

List of projects that are set up as project templates in Bento

Then you can save a ton of time and create new projects based on the project templates you have created.

Create a new project from a template.

Team Templates

Just like you can make any project a template, you can also make any team a template. For example, if you had multiple sales teams with different territories, you would only need to set up the first team how you want it. Then for each additional territory you could create that team based on that team template.

Create a template out of any team in Bento

View all Team templates
Create new teams from a template in Bento

By adding the project template and team template feature to Bento, we are able help you save a ton of administrative time in you or your team member’s day so you can focus on your core job or team work. Let the Bento system do all the thinking & organizing for you.

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