Operations Managers: Reduce your Operations Budget & Help your Teams Work Better

Operations managers have it tough sometimes. Your role touches every piece of an organization or team and there is a lot of responsibility in the operations role. 

We sort of joke it’s the “catch all” position when a project or task doesn’t clearly fall in a specific team or department it’s the responsibility of the operations person.

We know that this means you have a lot on your plate any given day and keeping up with all of it can be a headache. 

Here’s how we minimize these headaches for our own Ops team. 

We have ONE system that houses the majority of our clients, projects, tasks & files. 

We use Bento for ourselves too! And we treat it as our one source of truth for everyone in the company. Because we work in operations improvements, automation & efficiency every day, we think through a lot of our own systems as well and put them in place.

The hardest part about this is actually sticking to the systems. But we consistently point people to manage what they are doing in Bento. Which means we are all sticking to the system and have one place to look for information we need instead of trying to figure out what we need.

It’s also ONE place we look for all the tasks we need to get done or make sure our team is working on. This cuts down on the amount of time you have to bug your team members for status updates because you can already see it. 

We minimize the number of software products we’re using.

Because Bento is so comprehensive, we can eliminate many different customized software & SaaS products we are using. This reduces the number of different software providers you have to pay and keep track of.

We use our Teams area for easier team collaboration

When working with both your team and clients or customers, internal and external communication can get out of hand really quickly. The feedback you need could be all over the place from a Slack Channel, a project management system and multiple emails. 

Using our teams feature allows us to keep all relevant information related to any given department or team in one area. 

In Bento you can use our tagging feature to share the team with any appropriate team members. For collaboration, we use our commenting field on any piece of information throughout the system to get the appropriate feedback from the right team members. (Instead of overloading email inboxes & Slack channels.) 

Contact Portal

We have also found it useful to share information with our clients via our contact portal. For any contact in our Bento contacts manager, we create a portal for information we need to share with them and get feedback. 

You can use the same tagging feature for sharing in the Bento system by tagging the contact once you’ve set up a client portal to share information with them.

We also know it’s important for our clients to see information in an easy way so we also create custom dashboards for clients to see the information they need to and can give us feedback when necessary.

Running & managing a business or team means you’re dealing with a lot of things – we get it! We use the above tips to help us and hope you get some good tips to implement for your teams too. 

If you have questions about how Bento software can improve your operation. Let’s Connect.