Now Integrate Bento Projects with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and other Third-Party Calendars

As always, we are consistently working on improving our application and make the features convenient and easy for our users! We release new updates weekly and we are really excited to share one of the newest features we have built and release for all Bento users: Third-party calendar integration for projects. 

We have a robust project management tool that many organizations use to manage the work they do everyday. Previously, you could only view a calendar view of all the projects you are managing inside the Bento application. Now, the third-party calendar integration is an extension of the Projects tool where you can view projects in an individual or shared Google, iCal, Outlook or any other third-party calendar to see all of the projects you are managing. 

iCal Integration Displaying Projects
Google Calendar Integration Displaying Projects

A few other notes:

  • You can display a location on a project so if you are managing multiple projects or events at different locations you will be able to display that on your third-party calendar. 
  • Also, this feature is available for projects at many different “Levels” of our application. We have an HQ level that is the highest level of access for an organization that the C-level members of an organization have access to. We also have a My Stuff area that displays all the work of an individual user. We also have a Teams level where different users can have access to the different teams and relevant information to that team they work on. You can use the Projects tool at each of these levels of the Bento application and the third-party calendar integration can be used at the HQ, My Stuff and Teams levels. 

We are always excited to release new feature updates and this was a big one! Most importantly we want the Bento application to be a useful and valuable tool for your organization. 

If you have questions about how you can use the Bento application to manage your business or Team to create efficiency and automation in your business, reach out to us