New updates to the Bento application

At Bento, we are always looking to make our software better. Our most recent update to the Bento software application is no different; we received your feedback and made some updates to increase the user-friendliness. Here’s what’s new.

Updated Design

When you reach your dashboard, you’ll notice the layout has changed. The top features a system bar that allows you to check notifications, edit your profile, and log in and out. The blue bar below that is where you’ll find the navigation tools to easily navigate throughout the system. The design now allows you to focus more attention and highlights your content in a way that is easier and more intuitive.

Updated features

There are new ways to use Bento! Throughout the system we use collections to help you sort and filter data. You can now create types, as well as the ability to create, upload and delete states throughout the system.

Edit Collection types and add new ones on-the-fly and with ease

At the Headquarters level, you now have the opportunity to in-line edit through the entire system:

In-line editing for items at the Headquarters level throughout the Bento system.

We have also made some user experience updates to Bento’s new layout which makes editing workflows easier.

Payment Processing Integrations

Bento now gives you multiple options to integrate with a payment processor. We are currently integrated with Stripe, which means you can 1. Sign up for new payments with a Stripe account you already have, 2. Utilize Bento’s Stripe account to process payments, 3. Bring your own payment processing rate.

What do you think of Bento’s new features? You can try out free trial at to check them out!