New Navigation, New Formatting Tools & New Help Desk in Bento Automation app

We continue to work on the Bento app to improve our client’s automation & processes. This week we have a few new updates:

  1. We updated the navigation of the app. It’s a lot more refined, making it easier to get around and find your stuff. Read more about the changes here.
  2. There’s a new Help Desk Center! In an effort to make sure our clients always have the support they need, we have installed a new Help Desk area for current app users. When in the app, click the question mark in the bottom left of the app to see submitted tickets, FAQ’s, and find helpful knowledge base articles.
  3. New formatting tools in text fields. Just type / to see the options! Here’s more info about this feature.

If you are not a current Bento client and would like to know more about how remote and in-house teams use our automation tools, reach out to us here.