HR Tools: Manage your Recruiting process, team members & teams with ease in one place

As an HR Manager, you have a lot to keep up with. When you are hiring there are a lot of candidate details to keep up with and steps in the hiring process. That alone is a lot of people, places & paperwork to keep up with.

Then once you have hired, keeping up with training, team member paperwork and the actual teams someone works on is additional work you have to keep up with. Bento has an easy all-in-one solution for you to manage the recruiting & hiring process with ease and manage all team member details and paperwork in one place.

With Bento you can simplify repetitive tasks so as a human resources professional, you can focus on primary goals such as attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.

Benefits for HR Professionals:

  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Track hiring cost
  • Give executive insight
  • Establish measurable KPIs and key metrics
  • Organize feedback on potential hires in one location
  • Tie human cost to business results

Enhance the workflow:

The Bento Systems work management platform can help HR professionals in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

1. Planning

  • Manage teams and resources more efficiently and accurately
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and maximize HR investment
  • Time management and how does each team member fit into and larger company goals
Bento Team Management & Collaboration
Bento Systems Time Tracking tool
New Hire Automated Workflow Process

2. Tracking & Management

  • Manage tasks for teams & team members
  • Track and manage expenses
  • Time management-full time, part time, hourly, and more.
  • Baseline productivity and accountability
Manage all Employee details, tasks and see workload.
Manage Tasks for Teams & Team members via Dashboards.

3. Collaboration

  • Share critical documents in one location
  • Streamline document signing with electronic signature
  • Consolidate internal team messaging in ONE place.
  • Centralize and organize communications
Template Documents streamlined in one place with document signing.
Comment feed for collaboration used throughout the Bento system.

As a leader in HR you need software that makes your life and your team’s life easier, and Bento can do that.

Schedule a demo today to see what Bento can do for your Human Resources team.