How to Use Bento for Hiring and Recruiting

How to Use Bento for Hiring and Recruiting

Hiring new staff can be both exciting and daunting. In an effort to make your life easier hiring new team members, we wanted to highlight one way we use our custom contact workflows: Hiring New People.

Custom Contact Workflow for New Hires

We start by creating a custom contact workflow for our new hires in our Development department. *Note: You can create any custom contact workflow for any new hire in any department.

Customizable Contact Workflow

Once you’ve created a contact workflow for the new hire type(s) you’ll be hiring for, you can then add any potential recruit to your contacts and choose their new hire type to have that customized contact workflow to apply to them.

Choosing the ‘New Hire’ Contact Type
Status of a potential new hire

After setting up your potential new hires, you and your team can collaborate on on the different steps you are moving your new hire prospects through.

Internal commenting on a team member

Once you have moved a potential new hire through the various custom states that your company would need to have each person move through, you can do a few different things to help you keep track of everyone.

  1. You can leave them as that contact type if they are not hired.
Moving a prospect to ‘Not Hired’

2. Change them to a different contact type if they are not going to be hired now but may be in the future.

Changing a contact to a different contact type if they are not going to be hired now but may be in the future.

3. If they are hired, you can add them as a team member.

Moving a potential new hire to the final step in the new hire workflow you set up for that type of hire.

If someone else on your team is responsible for getting a new team member set up with paperwork, systems, etc. you can set your custom contact type for each new hire to notify a specific team member. Then they’ll know they have work to do for a each new hire.

Add a new team member to the system.
Add any additional HR details, forms, notes & documents about your new team member.

As you can see, Bento has a lot of helpful feature to make hiring new team members SO much easier for any HR or recruiting team. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us here.