How to Get a Handle on Your Inventory

Do you know where a lot of your money is? Inventory. Physical inventory is also considered an asset so most businesses we know want to keep good track of their inventory. 

Easily track stock items in inventory

Depending on your business type, part of your inventory may raw materials. These are what we call stock items. Whether you are a caterer that has “ingredient” items or a contractor keeping track of 2x4s, knowing how much of your stock items or materials you have in your inventory can be key to the rest of your business. With Bento you can keep up with all your stock items in one place with our inventory system.

Create products & product packages from you inventory

Creating products

Taking it a step further, most of the time stock items make up products that you end up selling in some way shape or form to a customer. In Bento you have the capability to create products from your stock items. 

For example, if you are in the catering industry you may have a cheeseburger as one of the products you sell. That cheeseburger is likely made up of a burger patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese & buns. You can track all of those individual stock items in Bento’s inventory manager and then create the “product” of a cheeseburger along with its cost to make and the cost to your customer all within the inventory system.

Creating product packages

To make it even easier for you, you can also create product packages in the Bento applications’s inventory system. 

Continuing with the cheeseburger example, if you often sell a cheeseburger package that includes a cheeseburger, plus a side of fries and a dessert, you can set that up as a product package in the Bento inventory system. 

That means all of the stock items and the products & product packages you sell can be tracked in one easy to use system.

Bill your clients for products

Because we are an end-to-end software system, you can keep all of this information in the Bento inventory manager and also add items from the inventory system you want to bill a client for without re-creating those products & product packages in your billing system. 

Tracking vendors

We know keeping up with your inventory also extends to keeping up with the vendors that provide you the stock items that make up your inventory items & products. The Bento application has an easy way for you to set up vendors in our system so you can keep up with their information and how much their items cost plus any markup you need to add on those items. 

Run reports on your inventory

Ever wonder how many times you’ve sold a specific item over the past few days/weeks/months? We have a tool for that. Now we have a way to choose an inventory item, set a date range, and view a time-base usage report!

Additionally, you can run the following reports based on your inventory:

  • Chart of Account report for a Project: This report takes all of the items in a Project, and lists them in their Chart of Account category, allowing an accountant to quickly balance a Project or Project.
  • Create a report of what items are needed to fulfill a given job or project. This report can be viewed in the Bento application or a PDF can be generated. 

There is a lot that goes into managing the inventory & products for any business. The Bento inventory manager has a variety of tools not included above so if you have any questions about our inventory we are happy to answer them with a quick call.