How to Always Have a 360-degree View into Your Business Teams

As the leader of an organization, it can be hard to keep up with the pulse of what’s going on in your company. Managing multiple leaders and what their teams are doing can get overwhelming and out of hand pretty quickly without some key management principles.

Communicate often with your team leaders

Team leaders are the glue of each of your teams. They are the ones that are looked up to for guidance and to communicate properly to both those internal team members and also the clients related to those teams. Communication has always been key to healthy business teams. Confused people do nothing – or sometimes, in businesses, anything they want – without guidance. Staying in close contact with your team leaders and effectively communicating what’s going on that is relevant to them is important. This consistent communication creates a more close-knit and efficient workplace. You are also instilling trust by letting your team members know you trust them to carry out the mission of your organization every day.

Give leaders autonomy over their teams

Letting leaders do their job without micromanagement is important. Letting the leaders take control over the activities of their team’s work instills confidence in them and helps them become integral team members. When team leaders are more confident in themselves and the trust that is put in them, they will want to take on more projects and lead the team better.

If team members are confident as well as the team leaders, it creates a more positive workplace. Let your team leaders know what is important to you and and the company for results so they can guide their teams and you will know what each business team is working towards.

Let your systems work for you

You have likely chosen a system and work management software that can do powerful things for you and your team. Let those systems work for you. Configure your systems to give you the data that you need to see on a daily basis. We personally do this through our own Bento Dashboards to oversee different areas of the business. 

We personally like to see how Sales is performing, all Projects & Tasks that are happening and have quick access to various teams. Those are the custom tabs we put on our Dashboard in Bento when we manage our own team.

Bento Overview Dashboard

Having a high-level view reveals what is being completed or not completed and what actions are needed to help reach your goals going forward. If you need help organizing your teams and keeping everyone on track, Bento has the tools for you.

We utilize many pre-built tools such as CRM tools, project management, and team member management to make managing work and teams easier.

Contact us for more details, we would love to help you and your team achieve your goals efficiently.