Easily Manage Your Acquisitions & Investment Companies with Bento

As an investment company looking for companies to buy and manage, you need the right tools in your hands to protect your investments and help them grow. 

Bento Systems helps you manage the acquisition process and the process to integrate new companies as an investment of yours. We do this through our CRM tool and custom project workflows

With Bento, your leadership team gets a 360-degree view of your investment companies and their daily operations to manage profits in one place.

Dashboard for Executive Team

With Bento Systems Software you can:

  • Have mobile access
  • See integrated data 
  • Manage acquisitions
  • Manage milestones
  • Manage cost vs budget
  • Improved time efficiency
  • Streamline all your investment company details in one place

If you are a company who invests in other businesses and you are looking for ONE place to keep track of all your work? Schedule a demo now.