Custom Project Workflows: Now With Triggers

Having a lot of projects going at one time is a good problem to have. What’s not always fun is the confusion and lack of communication that can happen when there are so many balls in the air. Luckily, Bento can do exactly that through its Custom Project Workflows feature.

When you are adding a project to Bento, you can create a workflow pattern that will determine the order in which the stages of your project will progress. We have prepared several common workflow examples that you can customize and edit to your liking.

For example we have customizable workflows for a wide variety of situations, including new hires, new customers, new jobs, terminations, and many more. You can create and customize any workflow for any project type that will help you know the status of any project at any time. Here’s a few of our workflows:

An advantage of our workflows format is that you will always be able to see what the status of the project is with just a glance. You can even see the statuses of all the many different projects that your team is working on at once!

Project Table View, Grouped by ‘All Types’
Project List View, Grouped by ‘All Types’
Projects Board View, Grouped by ‘Standard’ project type.

We’ve also made updates to make your workflow experience even better. Most importantly, we have added triggers to the workflow system. This means that as your team works through a project, you can tag which team or team members will get an email or task alert when the project moves from one status to another.

Example: Triggers tagging when the Standard Project Workflow is done will tag the marketing team.

Triggers are especially helpful when you have a lot of different teams or team members responsible for different parts of the project. Triggers ensure that everyone gets the notifications they need, and that your team can work through a project with many steps with ease.

If you want to play with the new changes to the custom workflows system- as well as all other features that Bento has to offer- learn more about our comprehensive software at