Create Custom Documents Automatically

Bento’s software platform is capable of a lot of things. We try to share examples of how we use the system ourselves as well as our clients so you know a lot of the power behind what our platform can do for your business.

Everything Bento can do for you is about efficiency, saving you time and money, and also increasing profitability. Today’s example or “use case” shows how you can automatically create customized documents either internally for your team or externally to your customers.

In this example, we are using our documents tool to create a weekly update document for our clients of all of the new and improved features and bug fixes to the Bento app. Watch how we do this for our own clients and imagine the possibilities with your own!

You could create:

  • Automatic customized updates you can send to clients based on work you’ve done.
  • Automatic updates for your internal leadership team based on work your team has done.
  • Automatic updates for work you’ve done that you can share with people who are on your email list.

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