Always Know What’s Going on in Your Company

Team communication is more important today than ever before. Especially with teams split between different locations, knowing what is going on with your team and the work that is being done has been more challenging.

Here is how Bento handles that for ourselves and for our clients.

Executives & Managers: See your team’s activity

We have an Activity Feed tool that allows managers and executives to add all the Activity that has occurred overall from everyone in the company at the HQ level. This means in addition to Dashboards you also have an Activity Feed of all actions and comments that have happened in your company.

Users: See Activity Relevant to Just You

We have also added the ability to see the Activity tool at the ‘My Stuff’ level. This means you can see all the activity that is just relevant to you.

As always we are looking to improve the features of our application. With this update we give additional visibility to both everyday users but also executives and managers so they can cut down on back & forth email or chat messages and always know what is going on for the work they need to do or for a company as a whole.

If you are curious how Bento can improve your business operations as a comprehensive work management system, please reach out to us.