A Better Way to Get Client Feedback

If you work in a business that is collaborative, client feedback is very important. The problems is, how you go about getting client feedback can be quite cumbersome. 

Whether you are building a website, designing graphics, creating a video, or providing any other service that you need the client to review something, this is usually done through email. But what happens during this process is that multiple team members on each side of the table, but your team and your client’s team need to review and provide feedback. As you probably know, this makes for a pretty crazy email thread. 

We have lived this life many times in the past, but fortunately have provided a better way to get client feedback. 

Client Portal 

We created a client portal right from the Bento operating system that you can add client contacts to and provide any files you need a client to review. 

When you open up a client portal, they receive their own login and you can provide them access to any files you need them to review in the portal. Not only that, you can provide this access to any of their team members as well as any team members you need to see the feedback.

All feedback in ONE place

But the most important part of opening up a client portal for feedback is for all team members on the client end and on your internal team to collaborate and see feedback together. In ONE PLACE you can see all of the feedback from both sides of the table. Then you can take that feedback back to your team and make adjustments as necessary. No more miscommunication. Not more searching through emails to find who said what. It’s all in one place, on the specific file you need feedback on, inside one client portal.

We can’t stress enough how having one place to check all discussions for feedback on a specific file makes your life easier. It saves so much time to just know where all the details are instead of trying to find comments from your team and clients in different spots (such as chat, email, notes from a phone call, texts, etc.) 

Opening up a client portal opens up a line of collaborative communication between your team and you clients team. Not only is it easier for your team, it is easier for your client’s team as well. 

We are in the business of improving your work life by offering solutions to your team’s challenges. Let’s connect to find how we can implement better ways for collaboration!