Bento for
Chief Operating Officers

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A 360-degree view into your business. Anywhere. Anytime.

Bento Systems recognizes that Controllers are systems architects, strategists, implementers, integrators, and talent developers.

Bento gives you a customized, 360-degree view into every aspect of your operations. With alerts and notifications, we give you complete control of your business. Access your dashboard anytime, anywhere. You will never be surprised by anything happening in your company. Any alterations to productivity or profitability can be seen instantly, adjustments can be made quickly to keep your business on track.

Tracking issues, activities, milestones, risk, budget, status, and progress all becomes much easier when this dashboard is at your fingertips.


brightness_1 Increase company profits

brightness_1 Monitor progress

brightness_1 Track issues

brightness_1 Alerts and Notifications

brightness_1 Manage employee time and cost

brightness_1 Reduce operational cost

brightness_1 Maximize production

brightness_1 Identify risk early

brightness_1 Adapt quickly

Manage all your Work in ONE place with Bento.