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Chief Information Officers

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A comprehensive solution to align business goals with project management.

CIOs play a critical role in setting expectations for company success and are challenged with too many projects, tight budgets, and shrinking staff. CIO also plays a critical role in the governance processes associated with project management.

Bento Systems provides you a comprehensive solution to align business goals with project management. The foundation for overall business success and project initiatives starts here, making it imperative for executive teams and project managers to be in sync. By having company and project leadership in sync, project success ratios are more likely to grow and are more likely to support company goals.


brightness_1 Scalable to meet company growth

brightness_1 Integrates with core applications

brightness_1 Risk management

brightness_1 Resource allocation planning

brightness_1 Dependencies, milestones, and critical path

brightness_1 Easy to use and accessible to employees using multiple devices

brightness_1 Synchronize data with other apps

brightness_1 Agile workflow system

brightness_1 Customized and automated workflows

brightness_1 Share documents, files, status, timelines, and tasks easily and quickly with a large number of people

brightness_1 Customized and detailed reporting

Manage all your Work in ONE place with Bento.