Gideons International

Non-profit Operations & Order Management Support

Working with one of the most recognizable names in the non-profit world, The Gideons International is always looking for ways to stay top of mind in their market. One of those initiatives, The Life Book, presented unique challenges.


units sent in first year


units sent per year


order processors


remote team

The Goal

Their goal is to distribute small, engaging booklets of the Gospel designed for teens to youth groups around the United States. As with most new projects, startup teams are small, resources are limited, and team members must perform multiple jobs during the workday as they prove the model. Once the first version of the booklet was finished, attention turned to rollout.

The Solution

  • Supply chain created
  • Web property designed for online ordering
  • Bento platform used as data repository
  • Single system containing all critical order information
  • Executive team has immediate, real-time access to data
  • Bento set up as a collaboration tool for the team to work remotely

The Result

  • Grew from 30,000 booklets distributed per year, to know over 5.5 million booklets distributed per year
  • Executive team remains the same size as it did in the first year
  • Support staff has only grown by a single person

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